Agent Cooperation


About Dongxing Machinery Company

After nearly a decade of strive, Dongxing’s customers cover more than 150 companies and 20 countries;Satisfying users is the measurement of Dongxing’s pursuit of value. By the corporate endeavor of Dongxing people, the popularity of Dongxing brand has been established; we believe it is inevitable and certainly.
Good faith, carefulness, high-efficiency, and practicality are the business principle of Dongxing Machinery Company. We pay equal attention to the uniformity of getting and giving, we guarantee the richness of customer who uses our equipments, not only for themselves but also for the whole society and country. The unique Dongxing company culture greatly promotes the swift development of Dongxing Company.
Honesty first, quality foremost, we promise we will never let you down!

Agents Condition
1. Provide a copy of business license, and supporting documents about good credit.
2. Confidentiality of all confidential information about technology patents.
3. To recognize the culture of Dongxing, Dongxing’ values: Products’ quality is our moral standing. Agent can not use other low-quality product from other factory to posing as YongHua’s brand.
4. Has a good local social relation.


1)    Communication:
Determine the basic intention to cooperate through preliminary communication. Submit an application to join.
2)    To visit the factory:
After visit our factory, if reached a consensus, signed a dealer contract.