[justin] : How to safely trade in china

1. Confirm if the address, phone number and email address given to you by your trading partner belongs to the same company.
2. Check your supplier's background. In some cities the existence of a company and its legal status is a matter of public record. If you cannot have independent access to your partner's registration information, ask an independent third-party as our company check for you.
3. Pay a visit to your supplier. This would be the direct way to know your supplier, please be accompanied by a Chinese assistant, to help you clarify a real or bogus company. Sure you also don't need to fly all the way to China for a visit, apply a third-party do a factory auditing, fully check out your partner would help lot for a safe trading.
4. Inspecting your goods before shipment. If you are a buyer, you can protect yourself against poor quality by ordering a pre-shipment inspection of the products. You can demand the inspection from indepent third-party like us as a condition to payment.

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