Beneficiation Equipments
  • Double Spiral Mixer

    Double Spiral Mixer is the ideal equipment for mixing powdered materials. Double helical blades of the machine rotational movement in opposite directions, reach for mixed purpose of stirring for the materials which made up of after crushing of coal, dry powder, liquid adhesive material. Between the solid and liquid binder filled, inclusive, to play a certain physical and chemical effects, has good molding of Briquetting.

  • Flotation Machine

    Flotation machines constitute the basic equipment for useful minerals recovery from non-ferrous ores and other raw materials by flotation. Flotation machine used for sorting colored of black metal, and also for non-metallic such as: coal, fluorite and talc. It starts work through the triangle-generation drive motor driven impeller rotation, a centrifugal role in the formation of negative pressure, on the one hand inhalation of sufficient air and mixture with slurry, while stirring the pulp mixed with drugs, while refined foam, so that mineral adhesive on top the of foam, and then float to the surface of mineralized, and form slurry bubble. Adjust the ram height, control liquid surface, so that scraper scraping the useful foam.

  • Magnetic Separator

    Magnetic Separator is widely used in mineral processing, coal washing and chemical industry, for sorting the wet particle size of 6-10mm. The strong magnetic minerals and magnetic minerals are including two kinds of material: non-magnetic material and magnetic material. Magnetic separator is suitable removing the iron in the coal, non-metal and construction industries.
    We have two types Magnetic Separator, Dry Magnetic Separator which for refractory’s, chemical materials, grain and oil machinery, abrasives, ceramics, metallurgy, cement, powder metallurgy, rubber, minerals and other materials. And Wet Magnetic Separator which widely used for removing the iron powder in the powder particles.

  • Mixing Drum

    Mining Mixing Drum is also called mining stirred tank, mineral mixer. It is the necessary equipment that dynamic V-belt of motor drive rotating impeller will be mixed full of drugs and pulp evenly, increasing reaction time.
    The mine-used mixing drum applies to all kinds of metal mine which mainly be used as mixing before flotation. It blends the medicine and pulp, and also it can mix other non metallic minerals. It used the density of less than 30% and frozen composition of less than 1mm, and the formation is flat-bottom barrel radiation with circle cross collar of mechanical mixing.